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Welcome to Toard 15-12-2021 05:33:49
Toard is a open source social Bulletin board, That used to discuss some stuff in real, internet, Music, or tech.
What is Toard? 15-12-2021 05:33:49
Toard is a Text only Bulletin board. And it's supposed to be anonymous for everyone. No registration is required, Javascript being optional frontend.

Toard is written in Javascript (NodeJS)
Is Toard 4chan clone? 15-12-2021 05:33:49
4chan is a Image bulletin board, While Toard is a complete text-only bulletin board. Both is different when you see of how it works.
How to create a post? 15-12-2021 05:33:49
You see a button at the near top bar? Press it. You need to write your post title, and your description. Same as how do you reply to a post.
Where's the source code? 15-12-2021 05:33:49
Need API to build your own Toard Client? 15-12-2021 05:33:49
See /toard_api Endpoint
Let's begin the journey! 15-12-2021 05:33:49
Press the "Discover" button next to the "Home" button to see available threads in this server!
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