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Do we need to Code to get PhD in computer science? 24-05-2024 4:41:34
Is it okay to get PhD in Computer Science without understanding how to code?
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ZOMG cool imageboard 19-04-2024 22:53:01
This deffo looks like it was made by a competent person and not by a troon like LohanG LOL
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Anonymous 24-05-2024 4:39:10
this site + DarkReader extension
Ramadhan Bulletin 16-03-2024 16:19:11
as this board is only up during Ramadhan season, I think its better to make this board as a yearly event especially during Ramadhan
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Anonymous 16-03-2024 16:27:40
Inserted some green themed CSS into this board. Enjoy.
Anonymous 16-03-2024 16:29:45
It will be always up"
Anonymous 16-03-2024 17:36:46
Nevermind rolled back the CSS to default.
The captcha are bloody hell 21-04-2023 17:42:00
I mean, it is way complicated to read
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Yonle 21-04-2023 17:42:25
First time?

Yonle 21-04-2023 17:49:35
Introducing "The Greatest DONG Protection Layers"
mailto:sage 18-10-2023 21:19:26
File: 632a313863170a122c48c1e1feb1fffd.webp
How do I get a captcha? Is it uploading an image?
Anonymous 06-11-2023 0:20:43
> How do I get a captcha? Is it uploading an image?
It was disabled for now.
Anonymous 16-03-2024 17:34:15
It's up now.
m 23-08-2023 14:49:33
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Anonymous 27-08-2023 8:58:08
Anonymous 18-10-2023 21:16:05
Ha! Ha! I'm using the Internet!!!1
Lecturify frontend sample 28-06-2023 6:30:41
File: fed49b7490dee6d25f49d87c85b89d8e.png
So, What do you think guys?
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gry 14-07-2023 7:27:53
isthis based on Siva's design? I'd suggest including helpdesk hours into the home page directly, without the user needing to click a link.
Siva 22-08-2023 5:54:33
Yeah, Sure we can put it that way.
Terrible Staff 27-07-2023 17:42:27
File: 430ce298497954e7de6503aa2960013e.jpeg
Just terrible.
He have an admin on navel & literally manages navel.

But at what cost?
Terrible support?

This is the second time already.

22:10 <YonleCoder> agrox: Well, turn on the "yonle" host back. I want to disable the process that i suspect went intensive when i leave it on for hours
22:24 <&agrox> yonle i am waiting for 1 hour to see what could happend, for now i stop only 1, but something weird is happening, 3 more increased their load.
22:26 <YonleCoder> agrox: Remember that OpenBSD is terrible when load goes high.
22:26 <YonleCoder> Especially vmd.
22:26 <&agrox> i can not start your VM for now, please understand
22:26 <YonleCoder> I understand what are you afraid about.
22:27 <YonleCoder> If you do not let me disable my stuff, then the thing will begins again
22:28 <YonleCoder> And don't blame me at behind when i am away because you turned the machine on and expect me to disable at the time of when i am unavailable.
22:28 <&agrox> i sent a message to gry, i do not want to be into a complicated situation; she will decide what to do, please be a litle pacient.
22:29 <YonleCoder> You mean i wait for 7 hours?
22:29 <YonleCoder> Are you kidding me?
22:30 <YonleCoder> She's sleeping at this time (01:30 for her)
22:31 <YonleCoder> And tomorrow i will be unavailable and let the host suffer like that?
22:31 <YonleCoder> You are wasting my time agrox
22:33 <YonleCoder> A brainless guy that only think for himself like you are being a robot.
22:36 <YonleCoder> Terrible.
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¿What is bard? 14-07-2023 20:30:40
Simply Google assistant artificial intelligence.
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Anonymous 17-07-2023 13:16:39
File: 9d04719fe0bfe400f2b2240cd23d620c.png
Basically an ChatGPT powered with Google search engine

And that's basically it.
egg free cages 14-07-2023 7:10:44
I mean cage free eggs.
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gry 14-07-2023 7:26:14
how do i make clickable links?
Anonymous 14-07-2023 15:08:21
I still not implement that yet.
Hello world. 28-06-2023 5:21:59
File: 570492fabd6e280d415d5e7a7a6211fc.gif
Succesfully migrated to Tird.
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Anonymous 01-07-2023 11:14:36
File: c30a942e4f6b3e6bcd51fe2a429fa2dc.png
Ah yes, remembering my random IRCNow IRCd linking plans.
gry 14-07-2023 7:26:43
great pics
test 14-07-2023 7:11:33
123 --gry
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Leaning with imagination just like a kiddo with CHA~! 25-04-2023 13:28:28
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CHA~! 25-04-2023 13:57:12
blablabla, selanjutnya kita akan fokuskan pada bagaimana kode bekerja pada komputer. Pada dasarnya untuk merekayasa sebuah sistem kita memerlukan yang disebut dengan sebuah kode.


Saat kita berbicara tentang kode, kita berbicara tentang instruksi yang memberi tahu komputer (sebuah perangkat keras) apa yang harus dilakukan. Sama seperti bagaimana resep memberi tahu Anda cara membuat kue, kode memberi tahu komputer cara melakukan tugas tertentu.

Ada dua cara utama agar kode dapat diubah menjadi sesuatu yang dapat dipahami komputer: kompilasi (compile) dan interpretasi (interpret).

Untuk memvisualisasikan perbedaannya, bayangkan Anda sedang mencoba membuat kue. Akan ada dua jalan berbeda dalam membuatnya.

 Berarti menyusun seperti mengikuti resep yang dikatakan ibu anda dan menuliskan semua langkah di selembar kertas. Setelah Anda memiliki resep lengkap, Anda dapat memanggang kue yang sama sebanyak yang Anda mau tanpa perlu merujuk kembali ke resepnya. 

 Berarti langsung menafsirkan, seperti mendengarkan instruksi dari ibumu dan kamu mengikuti instruksi sambil melakukan (memasak). Ini mungkin memakan waktu lebih lama, tetapi ini memungkinkan dirimu melakukan penyesuaian dan koreksi seiring berjalannya waktu. 

Singkatnya, dalam kode, kompilasi melibatkan konversi seluruh program menjadi kode mesin sebelum dapat dieksekusi (seperti menuliskannya sebagai resep di sebuah kertas), sementara interpretasi melibatkan eksekusi kode baris demi baris saat dibaca. (seperti mengikuti saja apa yang dikatakan si ibu sambil memasak)

Saat kita mengkompilasi kode, kita mengambil kode asli dan mengubahnya menjadi file baru yang dapat dijalankan langsung oleh komputer. 

Saat kita menafsirkan (interpret) kode, kita tidak membuat file baru yang dapat dijalankan komputer secara langsung (kita tidak membutuhkan kertas dan menuliskannya terlebih dahulu). Sebagai gantinya, . Kode yang ditafsirkan biasanya lebih lambat daripada kode yang dikompilasi, tetapi bisa lebih fleksibel dan lebih mudah untuk di-debug. (seperti saat memasak)

Jadi, secara ringkas, kode adalah sekumpulan instruksi yang memberi tahu komputer apa yang harus dilakukan. Kompilasi mengubah kode menjadi file baru yang dapat dijalankan langsung oleh komputer, sementara interpretasi membaca dan mengeksekusi kode baris demi baris. Kedua metode tersebut merupakan alat penting untuk membuat perangkat lunak yang dapat berjalan di komputer.
Yonle 28-06-2023 6:02:14
Izin Translate ke Inggris ya gan :^)
Translation 28-06-2023 6:03:21
Just start from engineering programming.
Translation 28-06-2023 6:03:54
The software engineering process is like a civil engineer in constructing a building. Think of software engineering as building complex structures such as bridges or skyscrapers. Just like a civil engineer, a software engineer must design the system architecture, develop the components of each part, test the reliability and efficiency of the system, and maintain the system over time.

As in designing a building, the process in software engineering itself usually includes several stages, including gathering required information, system design, coding, testing, and maintenance. During the information-needs stage, software engineers work with clients to determine the problems that need to be solved and identify the special features and functionality or uses that the software must have to meet their needs.

At the system design stage, software engineers make plans for how the system will be built, including its architecture, data structure, algorithms or how the data will be processed, and the user interface. In the coding stage, software engineers write the actual code that implements the system design.

In the testing phase, software engineers test the system to ensure it is reliable, efficient and meets client requirements. And in the maintenance phase, software engineers make continuous updates and improvements to the system to ensure the system remains effective and up-to-date.

In short, software engineering is the process of designing, building, and maintaining complex software systems that meet specific requirements and operate reliably and efficiently over time.
Translation 28-06-2023 6:04:49
Next we'll focus on how the code works on a computer. Basically to engineer a system we need what is called a code.


When we talk about code, we are talking about the instructions that tell the computer (a piece of hardware) what to do. Just like how a recipe tells you how to make a cake, code tells a computer how to do a certain task.

There are two main ways that code can be turned into something the computer can understand: compilation (compile) and interpretation (interpret).

To visualize the difference, imagine that you are trying to make a cake. There will be two different ways to do it.

Means compiling is like following a recipe your mother told you and writing down all the steps on a piece of paper. Once you have the complete recipe, you can bake the same cake as many times as you want without having to refer back to the recipe.

It means directly interpreting, like listening to instructions from your mother and you follow the instructions while doing (cooking). This may take longer, but it allows you to make adjustments and corrections over time.

In short, in code, compilation involves converting the entire program into machine code before it can be executed (such as writing it down as a recipe on a piece of paper), while interpretation involves executing the code line by line as it is read. (like just following what the mother says while cooking)

When we compile code, we take the original code and turn it into a new file that the computer can run immediately.

When we interpret code, we don't create a new file that the computer can run directly (we don't need paper and write it down first). As a replacement, . Interpreted code is typically slower than compiled code, but can be more flexible and easier to debug. (like when cooking)

So, in a nutshell, code is a set of instructions that tell the computer what to do. Compilation turns the code into new files that the computer can run directly, while interpreter reads and executes the code line by line. Both methods are important tools for creating software that can run on computers.
Teori-teori random mind blowing 24-04-2023 7:48:54
Manusia berasal dari bintang-bintang
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Anonymous 24-04-2023 8:01:51
Menurut teori evolusi, manusia dan kera memiliki nenek moyang yang sama yang hidup jutaan tahun yang lalu.  Seiring waktu, nenek moyang ini berevolusi menjadi spesies yang berbeda, dengan beberapa akhirnya mengarah ke manusia modern dan yang lainnya mengarah ke kera modern.

 Bukti teori ini berasal dari berbagai sumber, termasuk catatan fosil, analisis genetik, dan pengamatan organisme hidup.  Misalnya, para ilmuwan telah menemukan banyak fosil nenek moyang manusia purba yang menunjukkan perubahan karakteristik fisik secara bertahap dari waktu ke waktu.

 Selain itu, analisis genetik menunjukkan bahwa manusia dan kera memiliki banyak kesamaan dalam DNA mereka, yang selanjutnya mendukung gagasan bahwa mereka berevolusi dari nenek moyang yang sama.

 Sementara teori evolusi diterima secara luas dalam komunitas ilmiah, itu masih menjadi topik kontroversi di antara beberapa kelompok yang menolak gagasan nenek moyang yang sama dan percaya pada penjelasan alternatif tentang asal usul kehidupan.
Anonymous 24-04-2023 8:57:18
Izin tanya.

Kalau Manusia itu bintang,
Maka Dinosarus itu apa non?
Anonymous 24-04-2023 8:59:06
Kan sebelum manusia, dinosarus duluan yang muncul
Anonymous 24-04-2023 13:37:30
Teori Big Bounce menunjukkan bahwa alam semesta mengalami siklus ekspansi dan kontraksi, dengan masing-masing kontraksi mengarah ke "sirkulasi" dan periode ekspansi baru. Ini berbeda dengan teori Big Bang, yang menunjukkan bahwa alam semesta dimulai dengan satu ledakan besar.

Menurut teori Big Bounce, alam semesta mungkin telah mengalami banyak pantulan sebelum periode ekspansi saat ini. Selama setiap fase kontraksi, alam semesta akan menjadi lebih kecil dan lebih padat hingga mencapai "ukuran minimum" atau "titik balik" di mana ia akan mulai mengembang lagi.

Salah satu mekanisme yang diusulkan untuk pembentukan lubang hitam supermasif dalam teori Big Bounce adalah melalui runtuhnya bintang masif selama fase kontraksi. Ketika alam semesta menjadi lebih kecil dan lebih padat, gaya gravitasi antara bintang dan materi lain akan menjadi lebih kuat, yang mengarah pada pembentukan bintang masif yang dapat runtuh menjadi lubang hitam supermasif.

Meskipun saat ini tidak ada bukti langsung yang mendukung teori Big Bounce, ada beberapa observasi dan simulasi komputer yang konsisten dengan prediksinya. Misalnya, Teleskop Luar Angkasa Hubble telah mengamati "Hubble Ultra Deep Field" yang berisi beberapa galaksi tertua dan terjauh di alam semesta. Pengamatan ini menunjukkan bahwa alam semesta mungkin telah mengalami periode ekspansi cepat yang dikenal sebagai "inflasi" tak lama setelah Big Bang, yang konsisten dengan teori Big Bounce.

Selain itu, simulasi komputer alam semesta awal juga memberikan beberapa dukungan untuk teori Big Bounce. Simulasi ini menunjukkan bahwa alam semesta mungkin telah mengalami beberapa siklus ekspansi dan kontraksi sebelum periode ekspansi saat ini, dan pembentukan lubang hitam supermasif mungkin merupakan konsekuensi alami dari proses ini.

Namun, penting untuk dicatat bahwa teori Big Bounce masih merupakan ide spekulatif, dan penelitian lebih lanjut diperlukan untuk menentukan apakah itu penjelasan yang valid tentang asal-usul lubang hitam supermasif dan fenomena lain di alam semesta.
Anonymous 24-04-2023 13:44:29
>Izin tanya.>>Kalau Manusia itu bintang,>Maka Dinosarus itu apa non?
Itu tidak benar-benar seperti mengatakan bahwa kita yang sekarang adalah bintang seperti bintang yang ada di langit. Daripada itu, ini saya tidak menulis dengat menyebut bahwa ini berlaku atas manusia saja. Saya telah menulis bahwa bagaimana "primordial star atau bintang purba" dalam tulisan tersebut menjadi salah satu alasan berbagai blok yang lebih kompleks terbentuk, tentu berbagai hal yang terbentuk atas ini juga termasuk.
/cerita_paranormal/ - Pernah ketemu paranormal? 24-04-2023 9:11:18
Wahai para anon.

Apakah diantara kalian pernah ketemu hantu / bayangan / paranorma di suatu tempat? Kalau ada, Coba ceritain disini.
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Anonymous 24-04-2023 13:31:39
pernah sekali saya malam2 denger suara kesakitan dari kamar emak ama bapak.

nggak bisa tidur saking berisiknya
Kos Murah 24-04-2023 6:56:15
Info kos-kosan murah dong.
Angker gapapa aku hafal ayat kursi
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Anonymous 24-04-2023 7:03:13
Emang mau khusus daerah mana
Meanwhile.... 23-04-2023 18:45:09
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚✩ ⋆。˚ ✩
┊ ┊ ┊ ✫ Everyone is being quiet
┊ ┊ ︎✧ Until they discovered that
┊ ┊ ✯ "Discover" Button.
┊ . ˚ ˚✩
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Yonle 23-04-2023 18:46:12
Then i need to make something like index page instead of redirecting to /hello_there.

But i still wonder what to put there, tho.
Test of new ThreadID system. 23-04-2023 18:09:08
- Yonle
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Anonymous 23-04-2023 18:10:28
It works. But it annoys the document title.

But unfortunately, that is so far the only way to solve major issue.
Test! :) 23-04-2023 17:50:24
This is just a test. If it was a real message it would have something meaningful to say :)
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Anonymous 23-04-2023 17:56:42
Welcome to Toard
hello there 23-04-2023 6:15:44
  testy test
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Anonymous 23-04-2023 6:16:45
Hi anon
"I hate JavaScript" 23-04-2023 5:42:27
- Said by somebody who enables JavaScript to post his words
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Here we goooo!!! 21-04-2023 17:39:04
Well this is nice, another place to tell the world my opinion and why my life is so much better than theirs!
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Anonymous 21-04-2023 17:39:56
Yo anon, i know what are you doing here
Anonymous 21-04-2023 17:45:54
And then he left from Toard.

Just because the greatest dong protection.

Hello world 21-04-2023 16:31:23
First thread.

So welcome to
You know what was this thing doing with it is job.

Yep. It does as what you expected. Alright. Have a good day anon

- Yonle
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Toard API 15-12-2021 14:33:49
A short documentation of Toard API, Used for creating your own Toard Client, and etc. The API respond in JSON format, So you need to have a prepared JSON parser in your client.
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/api/[id] 15-12-2021 14:33:49
A endpoint to fetch all Threads / Replies. When you didn't provide a thread ID, The endpoint will returns all Threads with it's Replies.
- from <number>
  Trim post from specified number.
/create 15-12-2021 14:33:49
A endpoint to create a thread.
This Endpoint only work in POST method, and requires two POST data.

- t
  Post title

- d
  Post Description

Example POST Data:

t=Guys, How can i cook a pancake?
d=I would like to know how to cook a pancake. I found a post describing how to cook a pancake, But that never work.
/api/verify 15-12-2021 14:33:49
A endpoint to get captcha challenge (GET only).

NOTE: You need to set `verify_sess` cookie when /post/reply or /create endpoint gives you `Set-Cookie`.

The following JSON data will be returned by this endpoint:

- q = Question (Usually ASCII)
- t = Tip. Could be "Solve the captcha." or "Solve the math."

To answer challenge, Send POST request to /verify endpoint with `answer` form.

When /verify endpoint redirect you to /verify again after POST, Request to this endpoint again to get new question until the redirection is no longer going to `/verify`.

You could fetch this endpoint again to get new question if the current question is not possible to answer.
/[id]/reply 15-12-2021 14:33:49
Same as /create endpoint, But it's used for replying a thread.
Welcome to Toard 15-12-2021 14:33:49
Toard is a open source social Bulletin board, That used to discuss some stuff in real, internet, Music, or tech.
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Is Toard 4chan clone? 15-12-2021 14:33:49
4chan is a Image bulletin board, While Toard is a complete text-only bulletin board. Both is different when you see of how it works.
How to create a post? 15-12-2021 14:33:49
You see a button at the near top bar? Press it. You need to write your post title, and your description. Same as how do you reply to a post.
Where's the source code? 15-12-2021 14:33:49
Need API to build your own Toard Client? 15-12-2021 14:33:49
See /toard_api Endpoint
Let's begin the journey! 15-12-2021 14:33:49
Press the "Discover" button next to the "Home" button to see available threads in this server!
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